Current Projects:

Uthgard Player Tracker
December 8, 2017

For some reason I decided I wanted to play with a database. So, I made a log file reader for Dark Age of Camelot to process kill spam. Then I wrote some PHP code to glue it all together. The theory is that it will kind of track player locations, so I can find the action easier. No clue how useful it is yet, but I think it is neat.

Check it out here! Uthgard Player Tracker.
OpenGL and Game Engine
October 20, 2017

Earlier this year I decided to take a step back from making games or doing game jams so I could build a game engine from the ground up using OpenGL and no libraries.

Learning OpenGL - Progress so far - OpenGL Cubes


I have never been super happy with any commercial game engine I have used. On top of that, most of these premade engines have license agreements that make me feel like I do not really own what I am making.

I also enjoy knowing how everything works. So, this will be a fun learning exercise. It will be the second game engine I have made but the first time I did not use a bunch of libraries for everything.

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