Wizard Rescue

A game made in less than 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 32 contest.

The master wizard has become very sick. You must go deep into the forest to find some herbs that will heal him. Unfortunately the master wizard never got around to teaching you the fireball spell. So you will have to defend yourself in unconventional ways.

Wizard Rescue

Game Controls:

Jump = W or space bar
Right = D
Left = A
Magic/Weapon = Left Mouse shoots. Mouse Aims

Select magic/weapon with number keys.

1 = Poison Mist (damage)
2 = Air Blast (crowd control)
3 = Bubble Trap (crowd control)
4 = Thorn Seed (damage)

- Thorns do damage over time as long as the enemy is in them.
- Aiming the thorns seeds can be tricky. Aim high above were you want them to land and the seeds will fly up then shoot down into the ground when they get above your target.
- Air Blast and Bubble trap do not do damage but are good for controlling the enemy while you use poison mist or thorn seeds.

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