Password Generator

Last Update: 8/1/2017
System Requirments: .NET Framwork 4.6 or greater.
Download: Link

I found I needed something like this at work and when doing my own projects so I decided it would be fun to make one. Right now I use this program from everything to database passwords to my wifi password. I been thinking about turning this into a password manager but I am not sure how I want to go about doing that yet.

Update Log:
Updated from .NET 3.5 to target .NET 4.6 so it works with windows 10 without any extra downloads.

The program now saves the password settings to a little file in the windows user profile so you do not have to keep changing settings every time you open the program.

Added a button to copy the password to the clipboard.

Added option to use a random english word in the password.

Added option not to use similar looking characters
Added a few error checks.
Added tool tips.

Added option to use symbols in the password.
Fixed some bugs and unhandled exceptions.

Added options to turn off and on lowercase, uppercase, and numbers.

Password Generator rebuilt outside of java to run natively in windows 7.
Made new program icon.

Java based simple Password Generator.
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