I enjoy programming computer games in my spare time. Here are a few I have developed.


Shiftmatic (Game Jam)

My Ludum Dare 35 game

You are a new experimental robot that can fire projectiles that shapeshift objects.
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Pop Pop Fish

Pop Pop Fish

Ad free Android game I made for my son.
Pop Pop Fish on Google Play

Google has removed this game from the play store due to a security issues in an old library it used.
I plan on updating it at some point but it has not been a high priority.

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Wizard Rescue

Wizard Rescue (Game Jam)

My Ludum Dare 32 game.

The master wizard never got around to teaching you the fireball spell. So you will have to defend yourself in unconventional ways.
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Snow Invasion Hero

Snow Invasion (Game Jam)

My Ludum Dare 31 game.

The snow realm is invading the fire realm. It is your job to stop the invasion and save your realm.
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Game Networking

Game Networking (Prototype)

Simple OpenGL network program I was experimenting with were two people can move objects around the screen over a network.
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Tile Engine

Tile Engine (Prototype)

This was my first real attempt at working with tile maps.
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Forest Sim

Forest Sim (Prototype)

This is not interactive but it is fun to watch. starts with one seed and from that it grows into a forest. The old trees turn yellow and die and a new seed will take its place.
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Partical (Prototype)

This was my first time implementing a particle system.
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A remake of the first game I ever finished.
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