Game Networking

Status: Under Development
Last Update: 4/1/2013
System Requirments: .NET Framwork 3.5 or greater and a video card that supports OpenGL 2.1 or greater.

Simple OpenGL network program I was experimenting with were two people can move objects around the screen over a network. It is not very efficient and probably prone to hacking but it worked.

It is not much to look at. Each player controls one of he dots.

Update Log:
After modifying my chat server to be more of a game server I got 2 clients talking and I am able to move objects around on the screen over the internet. There is a bit of lag but I am not sure if that is the internet or my code. I am also sure it is full of security holes. One I know about is sending location data instead of movement data. The location data could be spoofed to cheat in a game. But for a first attempt at anything like this I am happy with the results.

Started Project.
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