Here are some games I have developed.

Planet Developer

You have become the owner of a deserted planet. You need to use your skills to develop the planet into the number one destination in the galaxy! But keep your guard up because the better your planet is the more attention you will draw from pirates wanting to steal your resources.

Planet Developer on

Shiftmatic (Game Jam)

My Ludum Dare 35 game.
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Pop Pop Fish

Ad free Android game I made for my son.
Pop Pop Fish
Pop Pop Fish on Google Play

Insight (Game Jam)

My MiniLD 62 game.

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Wizard Rescue (Game Jam)

My Ludum Dare 32 game.
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Snow Invasion (Game Jam)

My Ludum Dare 31 game.
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Game Networking (Prototype)

My first time trying out networking code.
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Tile Engine (Prototype)

More experimenting with tile maps. This time seeing how big I can make them.
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Forest Sim (Prototype)

Experimenting with tile maps. This is not interactive but it is fun to watch.
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Partical (Prototype)

Playing around and came up with a neat partical system.
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A remake of the first game I ever finished.
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