Links to resources I use and other interesting stuff.

Free Online Education

Khan Academy
Microsoft Virtual Academy

Programing Links

Why you should use OpenGL and not DirectX
DirectX vs. OpenGL revisited
Learn OpenGL
OpenGL Tutorials
How to build a JRPG
Introduction to Multiplayer Game Programming
aStar Tutorial (Pathfinding)
Game Development Tricks
Intel Intrinsics Guide
Intel Architectures Developer's Manual
AMD Developer Manuals

Programing Tools

Ludum Dare Tool Page
BMFont (Bitmap font generator)
Dependency Walker - Detect what dependencies a program needs to run.

Game Art Links

So You Want To Be a Pixel Artist
Pixel Art Styleguide
Spriters Resource
The Total Beginner's Guide to Better 2D Game Art
Beveled pixel effect
Pixel Joint
Sycra - Lots of art resources.

Graphics Tools

Adobe Pixlr
Explosion Generator
GifCam - Animated gif making app.
LICEcap - Simple animated screen captures.
ezGIF - Online GIF maker and editor.

Audio Links

Royalty-Free Music

Audio Tools

Audacity (Audio editor)
Autotracker (Music generator)
LMMS (Music Editor)
SFXR (Sound Effects)
BFXR (Sound Effects)
JFXR (Sound Effects)

Miscellaneous Resources

TIG Source
Ludum Dare
How to Be an Indie Game Developer
The Best Free Online Resources to Learn Game Development and Gamification
Gamasutra - The Art & Business of Making Games.
Pixel Prospector - Resources for game developers.
Extra Credits - Tricks of the trade for writing fiction. May come in handy for writing a story line for a game.
Entertainment software Association - Industry Facts.
Moby Games - Search and find info on published games.
True Valhalla Tools - Free agreement generator for game developers.

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